In Transit (Single) Now Available To Stream

In Transit (Single) is now available to stream on your favourite streaming site.   You can also purchase a copy for yourself at Band Camp or here on the online store.   One of our darker numbers is included as a bonus song titled Beware Of Man.

Already live on Google Play, Amazon Music and more.  Soon will be on Apple Music and Spotify.

Current Music Project and Where To Stream Get Your Game Together

We are working on producing the next album titled Kuhleborn: The Thames Revisited. It’s a rocking river songs album that recounts a canoe trip down The Thames River from London to Lake St. Clair by famed artists William Lees Judson and Paul Peel that took place circa 1880.  In 2007 the trip was recounted  by a group of London artists brought together by the local master artists Philip Aziz.

In 1880, William Lee Judson along with Paul Peel and others, made a canoe trip from London to Lake St. Clair and wrote Kuhleborn, a Tour of the Thames, Written and illustrated by Professor Blot. In 2007, a group of London artists, naturalists and paddlers re-created the canoe trip.

The artists connected with numerous communities along the way including First Nations communities. Their journey, artwork and what they learned were shared with many groups throughout the watershed in the months and years following. (

At this point I have the piano recorded for all of the tracks and currently doing vocal recording sessions with a recording engineer from Goderich, ON.  Once this is done we will review the tracks so far and finalize the druming and then finally we will get in touch with Rick Taylor, who produced and mastered our last album Get Your Game Together to have the album produced.

Get Your Game Together

Get Your Game Together is available to stream and purchase online as well as directly from our store at  Check it out for free if you’d like before you buy it.   Adrian and I truly appreciate it when you make a purchase directly from us as it really helps us continue creating our music.

Where To Stream Get Your Game Together

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