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Get Your Game Together is a collection of fresh songs of remembering, friendship, love, seasons, the good ole days, and more. Touching upon subjects of remembering the good times of open mics in the past, being there for your friends in need, the shocking feeling of love at first sight, and grounding yourself by thinking of your own past through self-remembering and retrospection.

The sounds of the album bring you through the seasons of fall and winter with Jack Frost Cometh. A driving ride on Babylon Line. Ballads such as Sunset In The Mirror and Only Thing I Need To Know. Rockin’ rhythms in We Were Where We Were and No Bitter Smoke. A story-like touch found in Sunlight Off A Sidewalk and the guitar winding rock ballad More Going On Than We Know.


If you like the sounds of piano rock and ballads the album Get Your Game Together is a must have in your collection.

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