2007 is off to a good start!

Things are moving well into 2007.

Cloud of Anvil Chorus is going well. Three of my piano beds are recorded into my Korg Triton Extreme. Soon I will sit down and down and do another session.

I’ve updated Adrian’s website so he’s now able to post his Short Stories with ease. He’s writing one a week this year and he’s off to a good start. Check out http://www.adriantorrington.com and click on Short Stories to view them. Adobe Reader or another PDF viewer is required.

The @ Studio New Years eve party was a blast! Throughout the night I think we had about 60 or so people stop by which is pretty good. It was nice to see so many come back to London to celebrate. I have heard there are some great photos which, rumor has it, will be shown at Johnny S’s next bash.

Saturday night I went out to watch Zopiclone at the Wortley Road House. It was my first time getting out to see my good friend’s new band. They certainly brought back that 80’s magic. Here’s their website: http://www.zopicloneentertainment.com/.

Well, until next time!