April News

Hello everyone!

Right now things are starting to heat up with everybody preparing for their weddings. Just this past weekend I met with three engaged couples to work out song choices for their big day and at this point everything is on track. Originally I didn’t plan on working in this field on the side but wedding music is very important so I’m happy to be of service to anyone who is in need.

I don’t have much news about Cloud of Anvil Chorus other than the fact that our computer problems at the @ Studio have been overcome. I only get down to work on my demos at the @ about two or three times a week so just to get the computer working properly again two weeks or so passed. Soon enough I’ll be jammin with the band getting them up to speed on the eleven tunes for the album.

Fire lighting the darkness. The battle for unity between all that exists and all that is nonexistent. Shock and awe as the fight for balance plays out. For I have seen The Cosmic Phoenix Paintings Project in progress. When the word is out on the @ Studio show for this one, you will not want to miss it!

Out of the darkness also comes destruction. Vandalism in London, Ontario has hit the @ Studio. On the side of the studio hangs the remains of what was once a great piece of artwork. The 12 foot tall banner which was on display peacefully for about seven months has been destroyed by a few high-school teenagers with obviously no appreciation for great artwork at all. Letters have been written to local papers to try to bring up the issue of vandalism in the city again. E-mail us for more information about the incident.

That’s pretty much all for now. I hope you all have a good week 🙂