Bean there before and lovin’ it

Note: This article is from the Exeter Times-Advocate, (link)

By Nina VanLieshout

August 28th, 2007

Once again Zurich shone with its 42nd Annual Bean Festival this past weekend, drawing large crowds from near and far to participate in what I consider to be the biggest summer event in the area. Things were a little touch and go Saturday as the rain came down, but thankfully when I made it there early Saturday afternoon, the sky was clear and the sun was shining. I’m sorry for the rest of you who may have gotten an unwanted shower, although nothing would compare to the downpour during the 39th Annual Bean Festival. Yes, I remember this well. I had just taken my first leap into journalism, getting hired at the T-A as a reporter and photographer. Of course I was a little shy and a little nervous, although that’s definitely changed over the past two years. So there I was. It was my first weekend reporting for the T-A and probably my first time in Zurich. I was also dog sitting that weekend, a lovable Jack Russell named Molly. I brought Molly and I brought my mom, thinking we could have some fun, checking out the various events and vendors. Well, we did have fun, but we also got soaked. What a day. The dog was smelly and wet (ever smelled a wet dog? That’s all you could smell on the way back to Nairn), my mom was also wet, but thankfully not smelly, and I was wet and upset. I really didn’t want to lose my job after getting hired two weeks prior. But, I thought, “Suck it up,” and I did. My pictures turned out great. Although the day’s activities were wrapped up early, many people kept their high spirits, letting me take pictures of them anyway. This also taught me a little bit of rain is nothing to worry about and keeping a positive attitude will help no matter what happens. So back to this year. I’ll admit I was a little concerned driving to Zurich in the midst of showers, but upon arriving, the sun was shining brightly and people were everywhere having a great time. I was also having fun. This year I brought a friend, and having four others meet us in Zurich was a blast. I was able to combine work with play. Not a lot of people can do that. My friends and I made it to most events. I especially enjoyed walking around the Custom Rod & Antique Car Show.

Live at the Bean Fest Beer Tent :)

Although I would have enjoyed it more if I could’ve taken one for a spin (if any car owners are reading this, call me!) Another event I found entertaining, was Dr. Charles Wallace’s Frog Jumping Contest, which drew many children. It was so cute! Well, the kids were cute. The frogs not so much. The entertainment this year was also fantastic, with the likes of the T-A’s very own Kelly Gackstetter singing some jazz. Another performer I was impressed with was Zurich’s Marcel Gelinas, who belted out several rock n’ roll tunes, while playing the keyboard. And of course the beans, which were, as always, very yummy. Although the car ride home was anything but…just kidding!