Brian Dale CD Release Party and Grand Bend July 1st Canada Day Celebration

July 1st was a great, GREAT! show.  The day started off with a great performance by a number of different acts in THE BAND IN YOU KIDS.   We got a nice wide variety of music from who will probably turn out to be Grand Bend’s headliners of the future.

Ruth’s Hat put on a great high energy rock show.  I was fortunate enough to pick up their latest album, Nostalgic for Right Now + The Sun Sessions, as well as a few of their older recordings.  This album is really worth checking out!

Greg Gallello decided to showcase some of his new original material during his act.  This was a real treat for anyone in the audience. We should look forward to his album release in the future.  Visit him online if you’re out browsing about.

The first act I performed with on this Canada Day celebration was Lance Bedard.  We had a blast up there pouring out tunes from his recent release, Restless, as well as  a few new tunes that are sure to be a hit including “From My Father”, “Sunday Afternoon” and “Havin’ Some Fun”.  The band had a great groove going on up on stage when we rocked out Havin’ Some Fun for the second time!

Brian Dale celebrated his CD release at this event as well.  There was big anticipation for his show because this would be the first time the audience would get to hear the album in its entirety live!  The CD is being finalized in the mastering process right now so we should look for it at Jam Night in Grand Bend shortly!  I really enjoyed the feel we had on stage when I joined the band up on stage for the last three songs “Ferris Wheel”, “Miss Grand Bend” and “The Truck Song”.  We really rocked out the last tune and the crowd loved Brian’s new material.

The crowd really started getting big when dusk was approaching.  Vintage Moments took the stage and rocked us all out to some classic 50’s and 60’s hits.  This was the first time I got to see Vintage Moments and I would definitely take the opportunity to see them again.  They had a great vibe, great set, and they put on one hell of a good performance.  There were people dancing on the beach during the entire set!

Natalie Tobin lead us in singing the national anthem just before the fireworks started and WOW! it was a great display in the sky!