Dawn, Canada

Dawn, Canada – Gelinas/Torrington

Dawn, Canada is an upbeat, pop-piano song, about a more serious subject: the Underground Railway, of Uncle Tom’s Cabin fame–focusing on Josiah Henson’s Dawn Settlement, near Dresden, Ontario–Canada.

The single was written by Marcel Gelinas and Adrian Torrington–recorded at the world-class Emac Studios in London–with Orchestral arrangements by Jeff Christmas. It was sponsored by The University Of Ottawa’s Promised Land Project–in partnership with the Philip Aziz Foundation of Arts–and will likely become a staple of Black History Month radio programming.

The song is one of twelve on Gelinas’ forthcoming album Kuhleborn: River Songs, with themes ranging across cultural, historical–and environmental subjects, specific to Canada and the Heritage River Thames.

Sponsored by The Promised Land Project

Part of the Kuhleborn Album

bass – Peter Miller
drums – Brad Mullet
string arrangement – Jeff Christmas
violin – Joe Lanza
violin – Sigmar Martin
viola – Jackie Milne
violoncello – Christine Newland
engineer/producer – Matt Grady, Rob Nation – EMAC Studios
lyrics – @