Dawning Eternity

Dawning Eternity

This song was written sometime back in 2003.  Probably in the spring or early summer.   It was the first song we played live at the open stages in London, ON.

Dawning Eternity Lyrics

The sun explodes
as we unite
and the moon’s in toe
and so is the tide

The buzzing alarm,
and here’s the new day’s sun
but something’s different,
the end of the world has come

It’s the end of the world tonight
and man does it feel alright
I wish everyday would end this way
one big bang, and make it all go away

The stars across the sky,
they shine, they cry
why do I even bother to try?
every dream’s now come and gone…

The comet cluster
spiraling down to the ground,
Our beautiful red sun,
has burned out brown

It’s the end of the world tonight
and man does it feel alright
I wish everyday would end this way
one big bang, and make it all go away

Thanks for checking the song out.  If you’ve enjoyed the song please feel free to leave any comments or questions below and we’ll get back to you.   We will be back with another song soon.


  1. Really cool song. It sort of reminds me of Elton John type songs. I really like how you included the lyrics below the song as well. It allows the readers to follow along with the video. Have you performed this song many times before? I saw that it was written several years before this video. Keep up the great work with the music and the site. Best of luck!

    • Hey,

      Thanks a lot! We have performed the song a bunch of times over the last 10 years here and there. Just started doing the video series of live song performances from home last year. Soon I will get back in and do another few. It is a lot of fun to revisit the many old songs we have done over the years.



  2. Hi Marcelg, you wrote a beautiful song, completely original and wonderful, even the lyrics have deep meaning and very unique on something dark and catastrophic, you sing it very well and very hard to do singing and playing the piano, keep trying and put it out there. I wish you the best of luck on your success

  3. Hi Marcel,

    Love the song, at first i thought it sounded a bit familiar but it was however the first time I heard it. The ending of the song was a bit like ending the world, a bit of chaos, and I guess that’s why you did it. 😉
    About the lyrics, where did you get the inspiration from, or is there a story behind it? Cheers!

    • Well, it is going back a long time but I think we were having a discussion one night about comets and the possibility of our sun having a Binary Star…. deep space talk for a couple song writers, but that was good times!

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed the song!