Dear Loneliness

Dear Loneliness is another one of our older numbers from back in oh three.  In those days we really enjoyed writing some of our first songs and quickly found that many of them varied from happy to sad tunes.   This is another one of the sad ones.  More happy tunes coming though!


  1. Hi Marcel,

    What a nice video, I really enjoyed listening to the way you played and sung. We all love music in the family, my husband plays guitar, my son saxophone and now my daughter wants to learn piano. I will show her this great video, I am sure she will love it!
    Thank you very much:)

  2. Hey there, great song.

    Really sounded like that was coming from the heart. I love your piano playing as well, really haunting and hypnotic. The piano is my favourite instrument (when played well lol) along with the guitar. They can both elicit such emotion, as you’ve done here. Keep the tunes coming!

  3. Dear Loneliness sounds like a great tune, and I enjoyed the video you shared 🙂

    I think the good thing about sad music is that it helps you to reach deep within and bring out our true feelings. I actually find that sad music picks me up a little in a strange kind of way.

    But happy music makes us feel on top of the world 😀

    Thank You for this piece of music..


    • Thanks Neil! We have many more where that came from. Back when we started writing songs in 2003 we eventually found we had a great deal of sad or darker songs. They were good to get out in the beginning. Now we have quite a collection of songs across the board and we are looking forward to posting more.

      Thanks again.