Dawning Eternity

2004 Dawning Eternity

Dawning Eternity EP

Dawning Eternity was the result of a great opportunity Marcel’s cousin Jim lined up for recording. We were hooked up with a student in MIA at Fanshawe College and we had six hours to record. At that time we decided we would try to record as many songs as possible in six hours.

A band was needed so we asked some good friends that we had met at open mics. Vinnie Vincenzo on drums, Tim Dillon on guitar, Tamara Ray on bass and I took care of the piano and vocals. We rehearsed 10 songs just in case we’d have time but we only ended up doing the five you see available.

The other five that would have been on the album if we had more time were Kiss Me Karma, This Bottomless Heart, Reanimation, The Battlefield of Dreams and Wars and Apple Cores. As far as I remember anyway…

This recording was done thanks to Steve Payne at Fanshawe in London, Ontario. Here it is, our first EP. Back when we were thinking of calling the band Quorum.

Track Listing.  Click the title for a live video of the song.

  1. Dawning Eternity
  2. Endless Forgettance
  3. She’s Creation
  4. The Benefit of Being Caged
  5. Ugly Luggage

This limited edition album is currently not available to purchase.