Endless Forgettance

We were sitting down one night in our earlier years discussing how it’s funny after an evening of social networking (back then that meant going out to the coffee shops, restaurants, bars, etc… and meeting up with people in RL) on some occasions we tended to forget some of the details of the night before.  Then we realized we even forget a lot in general.  This is when we wrote the song Endless Forgettance.

It’s another song that we threw on our first jam shortlist for our Dawning Eternity sessions.   This song is one that stood the test of time for us so far and we’ve played it at most live performances we’ve done over the years including many times at Open Mics in #ldnont.  Good times – as far as I remember.

We still love meeting up in RL – and the accessibility of Online Social Media at the palm of our fingertips! Thanks for checking out the video.   Please share and leave any comments below if you have any questions.

Sept 26, 2015

Music and Lyrics by Gelinas/Torrington

Endless Forgettance

Hey Endless Forgettance
I hear you’ve been treating me
for this disease they call dependenc
on my personal history

I just want to drop you a line
to let you know about last night
How after all these bottles of wine
I found some insight into lost time

So what’s better…
To have lived and lost?
Or never to have lived at all?
Maybe it’s better not to remember at all

While history keeps repeating it’s lessons
most of us are skipping the class
While learning life is best left guessing
what we’re going to learn fast

So what’s better…
To have lived and lost?
Or never to have lived at all?
Maybe my doubts will be my fall.

And even though some might make right
What goes on generations strong
It makes more pain than it might
if we would just enjoy the song

So what’s better…
To have lived and lost?
Or never to have lived at all?
Maybe it’s better not to ever recall.

So goodbye to my life…
to all my days and all my nights
won’t you remember please…
even when I can’t remember me


  1. Hey, Marcel! Great song. Is Elton John an influence? I sensed some of that. Also, how are you recording the piano sound? I can hear the noise of you banging on the keys, so I would assume you are basically using the mic signal. Wouldn’t it be better for mixing if you took the sound straight from the keys to the interface? Please don’t see this as criticism, just as an easy way to improve on the recording.

    • Hi Daniel,

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed the song. I’ve always enjoyed Elton John’s piano playing! I’m looking forward to Elton John’s new album February 5th. Growing up I loved listening to lots of Ben Folds, Billy Joel and Supertramp too. Dream Theater is a heavier progressive band that I also really enjoy.

      Yes for sure that is the best way to do it. It all depends on the moment like if it is just a sit down and hit record moment between other work. Good times! I did try a mutitrack on Loving In Times Of Trouble, the latest live song I played for the site. It turned out nice. Not 100% separated but still very nice. It’s fun, and a great way to revisit some of the older songs we’ve done.

      I do feel like it’s time to resume playing and posting some momentary songs for 2016!



  2. Hi its Alexey:)
    Although its not my style of songs at all – I do respect musicians nor matter what music they do (except from a few exceptions). You are a great voice and an increbidle control on the piano and you are very skillful !
    In a matter of fact you gave me an excellent idea here 🙂
    I listented and read the lyrics, and well its very very nice after all 🙂

    • Thanks Alexey!

      It is great that there is so much variety of music out there to enjoy : ) I love it.

      We are glad to hear you checked us out. Cheers!


  3. Where and what is RL. It so happens to be my initials but I doubt it’s about me.

    The song is a catchy tune. I enjoyed listening to it.

    I’m more of a classic rock guy but good music is good no matter the genre.

    I have two brothers who are excellent musicians. One of them is on WA.

    Good job.


    • Hey Bob, thanks for tuning in for a visit and checking out the song. Cheers!

      RL = Real Life – just a joke we make sometimes about how online social has grown : )

      Thanks again,


  4. Hi Marcel,

    I love your song even if I am not the person who is very much into a special music direction. The interesting thing in your article is that I can totally agree that withing 5-10 years the complete social networking has changed from sitting together in a bar, restaurant or coffee shops to sitting in front of a laptop or mobile phone doing some networking. I hope the personal contact will never be replaced by just communicating online and this will be much harder for future generations.

    After saying that I’m going to meet my friends in a bar 😀


    • Hi Don, thanks for your kind words. My songwriting team made Adrian and I are getting together tonight too. We are keen to share a couple drinks and discuss the next step in song work. The times they are a-changing as always. It is up to us to keep it real! 🙂



  5. Hey there, I really enjoyed your post and not to forget your song, It really had some words which were true, I think overall this generation has changed the meaning of socializing, people claim Facebook or Twitter is socializing which to me is far from the truth, I think socializing is the good old face to face meeting to catch up over some coffee or beer. Great post

    • Hi Maine,

      Thanks for visiting. Glad you enjoyed the song. We love being social in person over a beer or coffee too! We had our beginnings in song writing on the Open Mic scene and it was a great time. I miss those days as I know live in a town with no Open Mic. We have been thinking of starting one though.



  6. I have never been into music in my life despite all of the various types there are. I can remember liking country, jazz and the classics when I was young. I always wanted to write songs but never put pen to paper.

    Your song Endless Forgettance moved me a lot. As I listened to the words, while I read the verses, I was taken back to different times in my life that I had forgotten.

    For this reader you captured parts of me and my past and brought them back into my present. For that I thank you.

    • Thanks Alan! I’m so glad you shared that with me here. It’s great to hear that it is something that moved you in a way. We love writing songs, making demos, and moving to production and it is just in us to do it. I’m happy you enjoyed this one.

      Cheers, Marcel