Good day for a walk and fresh air.

April 5, 2008
Today was a good day.

While waiting for my next studio date for Never Lose Your Stars I have been recording Onset into my Triton Extreme. The old Onset demo was really great for back in 2004/2005 but I really want to complete a studio version. Last year I purchased Ivory which is a Grand Piano virtual sound that you can play your MIDI files through. I used it for Never Lose Your Stars and will also use it on every other album I record because it just sounds so good! Once Onset goes through Ivory I will be keen to re-sing each song in a Studio and get a good mix.


At Smiley’s Productions in Zurich I recorded the lead vocal tracks for Binary Star and Social Butterfly Effect. Eight more songs to go and the lead vocals are all finished! I’m keen.