Minor Correction to London Free Press Article

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to post a minor correction to an article that appeared in the Londo Free Press today, July 30, 2008.

Here is the link to the article online: http://lfpress.ca/newsstand/News/Local/2008/07/30/6304991-sun.html

The Correction

Adrian and I are working on recording a rock album titled “Cloud of Anvil Chorus“.  This album is not scheduled to be released next month.

The album that is scheduled to be released next month is titled “Never Lose Your Stars” and it is a piano solo / vocals album featuring 10 tracks on the ups and downs of Love.

Bean Festival 2008

I will be preforming live in the Zurich Arena (aka the beer tent) during the Zurich Bean Festival on the 4th Saturday in August.  This year it lands on August 23rd.  Copies of Never Lose Your Stars will be available there.

Keep checking the website, marcelg.ca, because soon you will be able to reserve yourself a copy of the album and hear some track previews.