More songs available to listen to!

Hey everyone!

I just updated my website again and in the LISTEN section you can now hear all of Onset, 10 songs, as well as the Dawning Eternity EP (5 songs).

Onset includes the following tracks:

  1. In Transit
  2. Mortal Falls
  3. Drops of Happiness
  4. Such A Flower
  5. More Morse Code
  6. Loving In Times Of Trouble
  7. Beware of Man
  8. Spending Your Life On Sale
  9. Halo Keepsakes
  10. Bars Are Made To Break

If you want a copy of any of these songs for your MP3 player or similar gadget they are all available to download for 99 cents. Just visit the online store.

In addition to adding songs to the site I also fixed the photos section so it displays better.

Let me know if you want to exchange links so we can help get our websites more traffic šŸ™‚

Keep listenin’ / makin’ music!