Ladies and Gentlemen,

It’s been a while since I’ve given an update on my progress with the projects I’m working. I’ll be brief…

Next week is performace week for a play I’m taking part in. It’s a Cinderella performance at South Huron District High School, Exeter, ON. We’ve been practicing for a few months so it’s very exciting to come into show week. My role is the piano man in black. It’s my first time playing the accompaniment for a live theater performance so I truly appreciate the experience. Starting Sunday my schedule will be work, Cinderella, sleep for seven days.

Which brings me to my next little update. Cloud of Anvil Chorus. Due to the play mentioned above I have to put the album on hold for a week. The news on the album is I have the drummer, V. Vincenzo, bass player P. Miller booked for the recording session.

They both gave positive feedback on the first draft of the demo and I’m now reviewing the demo, chopping it up here and there, to come up with the final structure of the eleven tracks.

Like the last recording this one will take place in a home studio. The difference this time is all the nice equipment I now have compared to having nothing before 🙂 It should allow us to make a much higher quality recording.

I’ll let you know when there is something on my website,, to preview.

Another project is the Grand Opening of the @ Studio. There are big plans for the grand opening…that’s all I can say right now but there will be more info to come.

Have a great week!