Get Your Game Together (CD)


Get Your Game Together (CD)

Get Your Game Together: In June 2016 the final steps were completed in the creation of Get Your Game Together.  It’s the debut studio album by Canadian singer/song-writing team Marcel Gelinas and Adrian Torrington.

During 2015 Adrian, Marcel and producer Rick Taylor have been working away at putting together a selection of 12 songs for the album.  Get Your Game Together is a solid example of Adrian and Marcel’s song writing comprising of a great mix of ballads and up beat rockin’ songs.

The sounds of the album bring you through ballads such as Sunset In The Mirror and Only Thing I Need.  Rockin’ rhythms in We Were Where We Were and No Bitter Smoke.  A story like touch found in Sunlight Off A Sidewalk and the guitar winding rock ballad More Going On Than We Know.

Get Your Game Together - Back Cover

If you like the sounds of piano rock, the album Get Your Game Together is a must have in your collection.

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