Song #5 Babylon Line Production Complete

We’ve got the produced version of Babylon Line completed now all with sweet guitar, bass, piano, vocals, strings and special guest Cosette singing highlights.   This complete version is sounding really excellent and filled out and is a great addition to the new album we are working on.

A song that was written and demoed a year ago and now finally fully produced.  We are very happy to have reached this half way mark in completing our new ten song album.

The next song we are going to prepare for sending into production is Get Your Game Together.  Once the tracking is complete it will be off to production.

Here’s a little recap on how to play Babylon Line if you ever want to jam along with it or play along at an open mic or something.


  1. Hey Marcel! I want to help share your new tunes. And BTW I think you have a good voice! You can ascend and descend your voice very well. I know because i like to sing too. I play guitar and play 3 blind Jumper all the time. But You are really good with the keyboard, you didnt even have to look. Yes I will def share this post with all the links i can to help you out.

    Any tips for a 5 month guitar player aka me? Thanks Marcel.

    Billy Hunter.

    • Hi Billy, thanks so much that is very kind of you!

      We are working on doing lots of songs video posts on this site so we have lots more to share and lots more room to grow. We have a few things coming in soon that will also help us with the quality of the audio so we are keen for that.

      Practice is the thing I would say – never sacrifice a good session of practice. There are so many opportunities online now too to get tutorials from the greats like one of my favourites John Petrucci from Dream Theater. But there are so many more as well.

      Keep on playing and enjoy!