Song 8: Your Next Like (Only As Good As)

Never rest on your laurels, lest your creative energies dry up. Artists are only as good as their next project.  If you made a masterpiece yesterday, tomorrow may just as soon bring a minor player.  The point is in reinventing yourself everyday, so as not to get too comfortable with Only As Good As Your Next Like what you have accomplished before- otherwise you will lose the pulse for your passion.

We are only as good as what we make of tomorrow.  Today may have been the best time you have ever had on this planet, but if you dwell too long on the fact–getting so comfortable your fingers slip from the wheel–then you may just very well wake up so much worse off by dawn.

Take a moment to appreciate your accomplishments, but stay on point in your life with the general rule that what gets you to the peaks is perseverance not pride–practice not magic–and horizon expanding vision, not self-reflexive vice in the night.

Always beware with every sunrise comes a sort of sudden blindness. So keep your eyes peeled where the trail clears–forever determined to short-circuit the tripwires of self-sabotage in favor of triumph over trophies–for however anonymous it may seem are the attributions for your accolades–rest assured when all is said and done, without wanting more, the earth beneath your feet will forever follow forward–your great works will never fall fallow or ill inspired–and Time will never forget the good that you have left behind.