The Story (an article by Adrian Torrington)

Marcel Gelinas was born with music in his veins. Both Gelinas and Denomme sides of his family were known for their sonic gifts, and he was destined to dabble in the melodies too.

In his teens he joined rock band The Pillowheads as their keyboardist, and after many years of success, including winning Battle Of The Bands, and gaining notice through radio play on FM96, he parted ways with them to pursue new collaborations and solo efforts.

In 2002, Marcel met Adrian Torrington through call centre work. Marcel’s first impression of Adrian was that he was a stuck-up Western English brat.

Adrian’s first impression of Marcel was that he was a long-haired heavy metal rocker. They soon overcame their stereotypes, however, and began immediately collaborating on original songs.

Adrian found his background as a writer lent itself naturally to lyricism. He and Marcel would have lengthy conversations about themes they would like to explore musically. Adrian would then write long-hand verses and choruses, and Marcel would compose music and sing on the spot, usually learning the new song within a few short hours.

They had an easy creative chemistry, allowing them to write off ten songs on one of their best days, even despite the shackles of inebriation.

Fast forward six years, and they have written hundreds of songs. Only recently have they slowed down, realizing the risk of spreading themselves too thin, without ensuring the music was being heard.

So now, despite their reluctance, being naturally inclined to constantly writing songs, they have reigned themselves in and focused all of their capacities on recording and releasing their music

Marcel plays regularly at weddings, various band gigs, open mic’s, outdoor venues and arenas. He covers Elton John religiously, but also plays Ben Folds and Pink Floyd. He loves Dream Theater. He plays his originals as often as his covers, and has a passion for creating his own music.

Marcel has recorded at E-Mac, Fanshawe College, OIART, Sonic Simian Studio, Garage Mahaul Studio, The @ Studio and many others. His most recent recordings at Garage Mahaul can be heard on Leah Morise’s debut album You Can Take Me Anywhere

Two new projects are underway.

The first is a love album called Never Lose Your Stars. These ten love songs, some cynical, some optimistic, will carry you on a roller-coaster over the terrains of love and loss. It will remind you how precious romance really is, and how painful loneliness can become. Marcel has just completed recording all piano and vocals for Never Lose Your Stars, and plans a pre-release to his music network shortly, before other instruments are mixed in March. In the meantime, however, Marcel and Adrian are prolific enough that they have decided to record two albums at once.

Cloud Of Anvil Chorus is a piano driven twelve song rock album. Getting back to his roots, Marcel delivers some astonishing piano solos, while leaving room for the other instruments to groove and have a voice. Themes range across gossip, mortality, escapism, slavery, depression, gold-digging, martyrdom—and many others equally gripping. With Peter Miller on bass, Brad Mullett on drums, Iain Marais on guitar, and other special guests, the album is sure to be a bomb-shell. Practices are in progress and plans in place to record at Garage Mahaul Studio this year.

In the mean-time you can follow Marcel’s musical progress at, or check out Adrian’s other hobbies besides writing … painting, at