Practice, web work, the day job and @.

Besides music, on the side I also do computer repairs and have a web hosting company.  I’ve just spent the last couple weeks preparing to move all of the websites I host to a newer and faster server.

Today I’m finally done the job.  It’s nice to get that out of the way.

Practice for Cloud of Anvil Chorus is going well.  Still no studio dates as of yet…

The day job is going well.  Today I had my nine month review and received a FORTY CENT RAISE! 🙂  I’m very happy about that. Each raise only means I can get better recording equipment sooner!

Last night I edited a short story written by Adrian Torrington called The Punished Linger. Expect to see it out in the comming weeks.  If not, and if you know where he lives, bang his door down for a copy ;).